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Why Do I need Gutters?

In order to maintain your home's value and structural integrity, a properly installed, quality gutter system is one of the most important investments you can make. Gutters and downspouts in poor condition, incorrectly sized, or improperly installed can cause extreme damage to your home and it's foundation. The purpose of a gutter system is to direct rainwater away from your foundation, siding, and landscaping, effectively maintaining the condition of your home. This not only prevents structural damage, but also mold growth, flooding, and damp interior walls. Did you know a single one-inch rainfall can cause hundreds of gallons of water needing to be diverted from your home in a matter of minutes? Your gutters must be well fitting, properly installed, and made of quality material to handle the burden and protect your home's foundation and structual integrity. Doubled with our underground drainage option, we can ensure that water leaving your downspouts is diverted away from the home and property, reducing the risk of flooding and damage to your home.

Why Seamless?

For years, standard grade gutters were the only option. Standard grade gutters are installed in individual sections, one piece at a time. While they do work, they can often begin to leak due to the number of joints required along the length of the gutter to hold sections together. Today we have better options. Advancements in technology have made seamless gutters a more quality and affordable choice to protect your home from water damage. Our seamless gutter sections are custom-cut on-site for the perfect fit. This technique requires seams at only the corners of your new gutter system, ensuring a durable, affordable, leak proof product that will last. Our gutters are installed with quality K-Style heavy-gauge material. Additionally, we offer 5" or 6" gutters in variety of colors and provide downspout options to keep your gutter system both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Call or email us today for a free estimate!

Gutter Cleaning Services

Although gutter systems direct rainwater out and away from your home, they can become blocked with leaves, branches, vermin, and other types of unwanted material if they are not outfitted with gutter screens. Having a clogged gutter or downspout can cause damage to your gutter system, home foundation, and landscaping. Cleaning your gutters regularly (at least twice per year) can prevent this from happening. The most common causes of blocked gutters are fallen leaves and debris from trees after a blooming period, making the ideal time for a cleaning during the spring or fall. We recommend waiting until all of the leaves have fallen to clean them, if cleaning during the fall. This will save you time and money. However, cleaning your gutters can be a dangerous job. If you're not physically able or don't have the time and materials to do the job properly, you take the risk of damaging your gutter system or injuring yourself. That's where we come in. Patriot Seamless Gutters will clean your gutters and downspouts by hand, leaving your gutter system clean and functioning properly. After your cleaning, we recommend installing SmartFlow gutter screens, to save you future time and money by reducing the frequency of cleaning needs and preventing damage from unwanted debris.

What are Gutter Screens and Why do I need them?

Gutters that have gutter screens (also known as leaf-guards) are designed to keep leaves, branches, vermin, and other damaging material out of your gutters and downspouts. Having gutter screens installed will allow you will spend less time cleaning out your gutter system, save money on cleaning services, and minimize repair or replacement calls throughout the lifetime of your gutter system, further saving you money. We highly recommend investing in gutter screens if you live in a heavily treed area. In the long run, investing in our SmartFlow gutter screen installation will save you time and money, while preserving the condition of your home, foundation, and gutter system.

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Patriot Seamless Gutters takes pride in being a family-owned and operated business, deeply rooted in the Corsicana community. Founded by Corsicana native, Logan Stevens in 2022, our commitment to excellence is a testament to our dedication to local homeowners. As a part of the community, we understand the unique needs and preferences of our neighbors. Our team, comprised of skilled installers, Logan Stevens, Dusty Borsellino, and Zach Roper brings a wealth of experience and craftsmanship to every project. Together, we strive to provide top-notch, innovative solutions that not only protect homes but also contribute to the beauty and resilience of our community. At Patriot Seamless Gutters, we value the trust our neighbors place in us, and we are honored to serve Corsicana and all surrounding areas with integrity, passion, and a strong sense of community spirit.

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